The Power of Predevelopment

Getting Shovel Ready

Accelerating Implementation

Learn how pre-development and technical assistance funding can help build a steady cycle of shovel-ready projects and accelerate implementation.

“Every community can identify the challenges they face and projects they need. Yet many communities lack the capacity to make these projects a reality.”

– Julie Davies O’Shea, Farmers Conservation Alliance

Predevelopment Overview

Manifesting Collective Wins

Before any project can pursue funds for implementation, there’s a broad range of work required to get to that starting line. Often these tasks fall outside of the traditional funding that may be available, and means many projects go unrealized. Stable, secure, predevelopment funding has the potential to open up a long-term pipeline of shovel-ready projects that can be positioned well for funding.

Explaining what makes good predevelopment funding and how it can accelerate project timelines.

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Experts & Resources

Our webinar series features experts across the non-profit, philanthropic, and public sectors. Connect with them directly to learn more:

Julie Davies O’Shea
Executive Director, FCA

Margi Hoffmann
Oregon State Director, USDA RD

Alan Horton
Managing Director, FCA

Shalini Vajjhala, PhD
Executive Director, PRE Collective

Jay Gibbs
Acting State Conservationist, USDA NRCS

Dave Moldal
Sr Program Manager, Energy Trust of Oregon

Jed Jorgensen
Advisor – Electricity Infrastructure,
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

PRE Collective