Irrigation Modernization

Using Co-Location as a Tool to Maximize Infrastructure Investments

Co-locating infrastructure can decrease project costs by a third, maximizing potential for infrastructure projects.

A significant barrier to improving telecommunications and energy infrastructure in rural areas has been the expense associated with siting, right-of-way, engineering, permitting, and installation. Pipeline projects being planned to improve water availability for farmers and fish already cover most of these costs, making the co-location of fiber optic and electric distribution lines more feasible and cost-effective.

“We’re a remote location so our connectivity is less than ideal for on-farm communication and using our digital resources, but also as a family that tries to have a modern quality of life. anything we can do to improve access and connectivity is great.”

– Kevin Richards, Farmer

About FCA

Farmers Conservation Alliance (FCA®) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that is championing irrigation modernization strategies to achieve agricultural resilience and conservation benefits. Formed in 2005, FCA is currently partnering with farmers throughout the west to install fish screens and develop and implement customized approaches for broad-scale irrigation modernization.