About Us

Pioneering the path to irrigation modernization.

Our Approach

Water management solutions that benefit the common good.

Farmers Conservation Alliance is a 501c3 nonprofit social enterprise. In partnership with rural communities, we are tirelessly in pursuit of water management solutions that benefit both agriculture and the environment.

FCA began in 2005 when the Farmers Irrigation District of Hood River, Oregon, licensed the Farmers Screen™ technology to FCA under the condition that we take the Farmers Screen™ to market, address institutional barriers to fish screens, and invest profits into other technologies and solutions that benefit both the environment and agriculture.

Along the way, we realized that the highest measure of mutual benefit would be to achieve agricultural resiliency. Achieving such a goal meant taking on the complete modernization of our failing irrigation infrastructure.

FCA is in the unique position to help realize that formidable goal. We have amassed trusted relationships through our hands-on, solutions-oriented approach with farmers and rural communities. Those relationships have built a deep understanding of the challenges and benefits associated with the process of irrigation modernization.

Our Irrigation Modernization Program creates a path forward for irrigation districts to upgrade their infrastructure, saving water and operating costs, while restoring streams, protecting fish, and generating green, renewable energy.

Our Team

With a diverse set of backgrounds, our team’s strength lies in its ability to handle all aspects of supporting modernization: technical, engineering, renewable energy, project management, operations, community outreach, communications, funding,
and implementation.

  • Julie Davies O'Shea

    Executive Director

    Full Bio
  • Kristin Alligood

    IMP Project Staff

  • Mattie Bossler

    Water Resources Engineer

  • Grace Brofman

    IMP Project Staff

  • Preston Brown

    IMP Project Manager

  • Raija Bushnell

    Watershed Planning Program Manager

  • Brett Golden

    Director Of Modernization

  • Stephanie Halici

    Operations Specialist

  • Kate Hart

    IMP Project Staff

  • David Hanson


  • Aisha Hill

    Contract Specialist

  • Margi Hoffmann

    Director, Strategic Operations

  • Alan Horton

    Director of Finance

  • Jed Jorgensen

    Director, Energy Solutions

  • Marla Keethler

    Communications Director

  • Dan Kleinsmith

    Farmers Screen Project Manager

  • Stacy Lowery

    Director of Contracts and Human Resources

  • David McKay

    IMP Project Staff

  • Matt Melchiorsen


  • Megan Miller

    Program Impact

  • Aline Ortega Pieck

    IMP Project Staff

  • Joe Reber

    Information Management

  • Amanda Schroeder

    IMP Project Staff

  • Jenny Severson

    GIS Specialist

  • Roy Slayton

    Farmers Screen Outreach/Development

  • Sam Swanson

    IMP Project Staff

  • Kira Tenney

    IMP Project Staff

  • Alexis Vaivoda

    Farmers Screen Program Manager

Our Board






      Social Impact Investor


      Small Business Owner

Irrigation Advisors


      Swalley Irrigation District

      Bend, Oregon


      Farmers Irrigation District

      Hood River, Oregon


      FCA (formerly with Farmers Irrigation District)

      Hood River, Oregon


Interested in our work?

We spend a lot of our time out and about, talking to people, looking for solutions. Then we come back to put that knowledge into action. If you’re interested in joining our team, please contact us.

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    • Black Rock Consulting

    • Bonneville Environmental Foundation

    • Community Renewable Energy Association

    • Energy Trust of Oregon

    • Family Farm Alliance

    • Highland Economics

    • NLine Energy, Inc.

    • Oregon Water Resources Congress

    • Wallowa Lake Resources