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Over the next 20 years, FCA’s goal is to support, accelerate, and enable the modernization of 10,000 miles of water delivery systems in the Western United States for the benefit of agriculture, environment, and community. To do this work, we need your help!

We work with people from a broad set of disciplines to support irrigation modernization efforts. Do you have expertise in water infrastructure? Maybe you’re developing a new method to measure farm production. Or maybe you’re excited about applying water quality data in a new way. We’d love to hear from you about your work, your outcomes, and where you see opportunities to partner. Reach out to us at with the Subject: Move the Needle

In addition, our growing team of over 30 strategy consultants, irrigation advisors, technical professionals, and public policy experts believe that everyone can win – farmers, rivers, and communities. If you’re passionate about achieving benefits for both environment and agriculture, we want to hear from you. If a posted opening doesn’t quite fit your skillset and you believe joining our team will make you excited to come to work every day, please send your resume to with the Subject: General Inquiry

We help irrigation districts, ditch companies, and agricultural producers to develop resilient water and energy infrastructure projects at scale, and the Funding Specialist will play a central role in ensuring that these projects move from concepts to construction. They will work in partnership with FCA’s leadership and project teams to identify potential funding opportunities, build relationships with funding partners, and develop funding strategies that accelerate on-the-ground, agricultural water and energy infrastructure projects. They will also support the development of funding applications that tell compelling stories about these projects and their outcomes.

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The Government and Community Liaison will work closely with the Executive Director and staff to implement FCA’s vision, objectives, and strategy in support of irrigation modernization efforts across the Western United States. They will also build and maintain the relationships, particularly with state and federal agencies and elected officials, needed to effectively realize that vision.

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The IMP Project Manager will manage planning, design, and permitting associated for irrigation modernization projects that provide agricultural, environmental, and community benefits. As part of our Irrigation Modernization Program, the IMP Project Manager will work closely with our staff, contractors, and partners across the program to ensure that projects align with expected timelines and budgets.

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The Natural Resource Specialist will join our growing team focused on researching, writing, and reviewing a wide range of materials related to irrigation modernization efforts. Work may include reviewing environmental assessments drafted under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), revising irrigation community (e.g., irrigation district, ditch company) infrastructure plans, writing grant applications, collating irrigation community data, or managing projects related to these materials. In working with our team, the Natural Resource Specialist may also join other staff to meet with irrigation community representatives, participate in calls with state agencies, or meet with contractors (e.g., NEPA consultants).

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This is not your typical engineering position. An ideal candidate will have a passion for improving water management throughout the West. The candidate must be an innovative thinker with a proven track record for engineering design; someone who enjoys working with teams of people; and a person who is passionate about designing and implementing solutions that benefit both agriculture and the environment.

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