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We believe irrigation modernization is one of the greatest agriculture, conservation, and economic development opportunities of our time.

FCA designs and implements dynamic irrigation systems that utilize the best available technologies and strategies to provide reliable water, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and increase local energy generation. Through this work, FCA develops customized road maps to modernization that navigate the complex world of agricultural priorities, regulatory requirements, funding, and environmental concerns.

By addressing systemic problems in aging water delivery systems, irrigation modernization provides unifying solutions for rural agricultural communities and the environment that: increase water reliability; reduce operation and maintenance costs; restore fish and wildlife habitat; and develops opportunities for community resiliency.

Water solutions with multiple benefits

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A comprehensive approach to modernizing irrigation delivery systems.

FCA’s Irrigation Modernization Program provides a one-stop shop to irrigators seeking to modernize their delivery systems. The program supports strategies that reduce barriers to implementation while increasing opportunities for funding and support. Through its staff, local partners, and experienced consultants, FCA helps irrigators to accelerate their modernization efforts.

During the Initial Assessment phase our team takes time to get to know each irrigation community and surrounding basin through a series of tasks including but not limited to early data collection, initial stakeholder engagement, overall system assessments, development of modernization goals, and early project identification. Services in this initial step provide the bedrock for an irrigation community’s modernization journey and later project development.

As an irrigation community’s modernization goals and priority projects are solidified, our staff works with each community and board to develop overall strategies for moving these priority projects forward. This stage will look different for each irrigation community, and may involve securing funding for necessary designs, assessments, or feasibility studies; coordination with basin stakeholders; and community and public outreach, among others.

During this phase our team works with each irrigation community to ready modernization projects for implementation. This can involve support throughout permitting processes (such as NEPA), securing funding for final designs and implementation, and continued stakeholder and public outreach.

In this phase, all of an irrigation community’s hard work is realized with the implementation of modernization projects. Our team will continue to support implementation efforts to the extent requested by each irrigation community. This support can take on many forms including contracting support, obtaining additional funding, and/or communications and media outreach.

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