Irrigation Modernization Program

A Celebration of Collaboration

Recognizing Achievements in East Fork Irrigation District

Collaborative efforts will result in replacing 56 miles of open canals with closed-pipe systems over the next 10 years. The project will conserve water, reduce energy use, improve reliability, increase public safety, and enhance fish and wildlife habitat in the Hood River watershed.

Project Support

These projects and the important benefits they provide would not be possible without the programmatic and financial support of these local, state, and federal entities: NRCS, East Fork Irrigation District, Bonneville Power Administration, Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, Hood River Watershed Group, Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, Energy Trust of Oregon, Farmers Conservation Alliance and coordination with other agencies, stakeholders, and the public.

“The district, through efforts from FCA and NRCS, will now have the ability to also lay additional conduit along with a new pipeline for future utility opportunities at a much lower cost. ”

– John Buckley, East Fork ID Manager

“It has been my joy and pleasure to be part of these solutions, where you solve one problem and another along the way.”

– Peter West, Energy Trust of Oregon