irrigation modernization

Trillions of gallons of water are at stake.

An expanding population, persistent droughts, declining fish populations and aging agricultural irrigation infrastructure are stressing our water resources.

Creating efficiencies is no longer just a pipe dream, it’s a societal mandate. FCA is committed to seeing that happen, all over the American west, starting with Oregon. The heart and soul of our effort is the certainty that there are wins for all sides: agriculture, the environment, rural communities and the greater good.

FCA has the relationships and expertise to navigate the complex world of agricultural priorities, environmental concerns, regulatory requirements, and funding procurement.

Our Irrigation Modernization Program creates a one-stop shop for the support that irrigation districts and farmers need to realize infrastructure upgrades, including:

       -       Identifying short and long-term irrigation goals

       -       Assessing opportunities and risks

       -       Identifying potential stakeholder partnerships

       -       Evaluating associated economic, ecological and social benefits

       -       Securing project financing

       -       Facilitating project implementation

FCA’s Irrigation Modernization Program is a solution that addresses the critical need to conserve our most life-sustaining resource.  

To learn all about it, go to the Irrigation Modernization website