Screen Types

Modular Farmers Screens

The Farmers Screen Modular System was developed to provide a relatively quick and cost effective installation in remote areas where fabrication and pouring concrete are difficult and costly. These systems consist of pre-fabricated steel sections and components that bolt together on site. The screen system rests on a bed of compacted gravel and is backfilled with native material. No on-site concrete, welding, or electricity is required at the time of installation.

Camp Creek
Deep Creek
Sixmile Creek

Dual Farmers Screens

FCA designed a dual screen configuration for the Farmers Screen to meet fish protection criteria through the entire range of expected flows for a diversion. During low flows, only one screen is operated. As flows increase, the second screen bay can be activated to maintain proper velocities and debris management. Screens can also be set to flow at different ranges.

Coe Creek
Eliot Creek
Whychus Creek

Custom Farmers Screens Systems

Custom Farmers Screens are typically designed for larger projects (greater than 15 CFS) or for sites where access is not an issue and a concrete structure is preferred. FCA has in-house engineers that design the concrete structure, fish screen structure and all components. FCA will also analyze the hydraulic conditions of the entire project to ensure proper entrance and exit conditions of the final design.

Crabtree Creek
Davenport Creek
Oxbow Hatchery