community investment

Finding common ground is less uncommon than you think.

Everyday FCA works to find commonalities among agriculture and environment and take action towards the goals that bind them, like resiliency.  

The Farmer Screen™ technology was our first big step. It’s written in our manifesto that any profits generated from installations of the Farmer Screen™ must be reinvested into other solutions that benefit both the environment and agriculture.

One of these solutions was our Rural Roots campaign. Through our work installing the Farmer Screen™, we have found heroes in unexpected places. This outreach effort shed light on some of these noteworthy innovators in agriculture.

Big ideas like resiliency can seem out of reach on a day-by-day basis. By creating The Navigator, we bridged the gap for farmers to help realize their goals of resource conservation.

These efforts are just the beginning for FCA. As we generate surplus revenues from Farmer Screen™ sales, FCA will be investing in other initiatives that encourage and support other organizations and individuals to create solutions that benefit both agriculture and the environment.